Fireball Foamee Cannon Kit

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Features & Benefits

Uses Less Foaming Product than other Cannons.
(Use only 12-15ml of Fireball Ultimate Active Snow Foam)
Bundled with Fireball Premium Active Snow Foam 50ml.

Produces thick foam to increase dwell time of Foam on surfaces.
Powerful Industrial Grade Snow Foam Cannon.
Quality construction and great durability.

Swirl marks quickly make paintwork look dull and tired. Pre-washing with a Snow Foam is essential part of your cleaning process, which removes harsh contaminants off your paintwork prior to hand washing. This Snow Foam Cannon produces a foam quality that is neither too thick or thin, ensuring high performance cleaning. A too thick foam reduces the amount of Foam that is in contact with the surfaces, wasting product and reducing effective cleaning power. A too thin Foam sees the foam running off the panel without providing a long enough dwell time to pre-soak the contaminants. Foamee Snow Foam Cannon is the perfect match for your Fireball Snow Foams. Fireball's Ultimate Hydrophobic Foam is also layered on the vehicle consistently for a perfect coating of Glass Ceramic. All in all, a must for people who are serious about maintaining their vehicle in pristine condition. 

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